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My choreographic work aims to utilize the language of ballet as a vehicle for social change. In a currently turbulent socio-political climate, I intend to use the medium of ballet to advocate for inclusivity, diversity, and equity. I believe that ballet has built into its core the power to create community, to allow people to immerse themselves in mind/body awareness, and to stand tall in celebrating their individuality. In my approach to choreography, I strive to honor the dance artists first, inquiring about and serving their needs above the steps. I believe in approaching ballet from inner sensory experiences and healthy alignment rather than prescribed outer shapes. I believe people come first and choreography second, and I create works that place the dancers before the product.

I choreograph for—not on dancers. I generate phrase work with the individual dancers’ penchants in mind, aiming to find movement I hope they will relish based on feedback and suggestions they give me about their distinctive bodies and processes. I invite the dancers to investigate the steps, discover what feels good and what does not, and I welcome them to make changes for themselves. I believe when dancers feel safe, seen, and supported, they are free to flourish. I invite dancers to work with each other to build on their material by sharing their unique phrases and experiences. In this practice, the dancers create a community, and together as a community, we develop the dance.

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